I have been a painter and exhibiting artist since 1979. After receiving my MFA in painting from Bard College in 1981, my painting has been focused on abstraction and experimentation with a great variety of media. I am a core instructor for R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY and a workshop instructor for Gamblin Artist Colors. As an annual presenter and instructor at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA, I teach but also learn from my colleagues and participants.  My workshops in “Encaustic Painting” and “Oil, Cold Wax and Multi-Mediums” are offered annually throughout the U.S. and now Europe.  I’m also a Guest Artist at a number of colleges and universities, including: Pratt, Western Michigan University and Portland School of Art. I enjoy the chance to work with graduate and undergraduate students both in the classroom and in the studio, as well as in presentations.  

What I bring to teaching is my years of experience with conceptually-driven abstraction and the love of layers of materials. All of my teaching concentrates on content, creativity, art making and of course, technique, with an emphasis on helping students to discover their unique marks and concepts. Many artists who attend my workshops want and need to revisit the fundamentals of art, including: color, composition, and mark making. We cover these important aspects of what makes a painting hold together. We have high-energy sessions that feature experimentation with a multitude of materials. I schedule fast-paced demos and exercises along with plenty of painting time, personal attention and group discussions. We look at slide shows I have created that address art history and the development of artwork over time. I also reference works of contemporary artists I have discovered from my connections in New York City, as well as all the art events, openings and museum shows I have had the privilege to visit annually.  

My specialty is focusing on each individual’s needs, visual editing and critique.  I provide personal, one-on-one teaching time to my students so we can discuss their specific questions and what is happening in their work. 

Each class is a different experience! It’s thrilling for me to be able to contribute to the art community in this personal way!

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