Teaching Videos

I have been painting and exhibiting since 1979 and received my MFA in painting 1981 from Bard College. My experience is with various media and abstraction. All of my teaching concentrates on content, creativity, art making and of course, technique. Revisiting the fundamentals of art including :color, composition, mark making is the focus along with experimenting with materials. I schedule fast paced demos and exercises along with plenty of painting time, personal attention and group discussions. My specialty is focusing on each individuals’ needs, visual editing and critique. Each class is a different experience!


Painting with Oil and Wax to create Layers

Using a Mask with oil and cold wax

Demo with oil and cold wax

Mark Making and Transfers on Encaustic

Mixing black encaustic paint

Mono Printing with R&F Handmade Paint pigment sticks

Lisa Pressman, hands in paint