This is an ongoing collaboration between Krista Svalbonas and myself, inspired by our large scale collaborative installation and exhibition Mapping Time.  This collaboration began with an inked letterpressed graphic designed by Krista. Then  the 6×6  pieces were worked  by both of us using pastel, collage, tape and other media. 


Mapping Time began as an experimental collaboration to explore our interests in space and time in our work. Using Krista Svalbonas’s geometric structural paintings and wall drawings, that are derived from urban architecture, and Lisa Pressman’s colorful and expressive abstractions, that allude to an inner and outer framework, we generated a digital rendering that was recreated in the gallery.

The duality of structure and spontaneity creates a visual conversation that reflects our relationship as artists and explores the connection between inside and outside. We actively included the architecture of the gallery within this conversation, creating an installation that engages the entire room.  We have created a visual language, an interpretation of our environment. It serves as our  map, a visual impression of the ephemerality of time and space.