Virtual  Studio  Visit

Includes 3 hours of individual time over 6 months (1/2 hour increments usually, work  great through skpe) Its more like a studio visit but I can also do demos.  Professional development, website, galleries,..whatever you need  I will be also be doing a private facebook page with live demos, answering questions, sharing info and creating a safe group for sharing work.We will start the conversations as soon as possible and then we book time as needed and convenient. The facebook group will start Feb 1-July 1.
It is 500.00  You can pay by check or pay pal


Recommendation from artist Joan Geary
Also, since the workshop I hired Lisa for mentoring.  She has helped me pull my art business together and put forth a more professional face to everything.  Because of her and other people she has put me in touch with, my business has grown monumentally in a very short time.  We also work on the painting aspect, but tying up the loose ends of the business side has been a big boost to my career.



Recommendation from artist Bridgette Guerzon Mills

“I came to Lisa Pressman with a specific set of goals in mind that I wanted to address in my art and my art career goals and she was a wonderful soundboard and guide. I really appreciated the way she looked at my work and my goals and helped me hone in on what is essential to my visual voice, as well as pushing me to really think and delve further. Months later, I am still referring to my notes I took during our sessions and our email exchanges. Doing the mentorship with Lisa was like being given a toolbox full of resources and reflections that I have taken with me and will keep with me for a long time. ”