From Dan Addington:

I”m really excited to announce that Addington Gallery will be featuring noted abstract painter Lisa Pressman in our upcoming group exhibition “Free Passage: Lisa Pressman, Ronald ClaytonMichael Dubina” (which accompanies the solo show “Didier Nolet: Journey Through Dreams”). Lisa is a fantastic painter and a leading practitioner in the US of encaustic painting, although she often incorporates oil and other wax-based mediums into her work. These paintings are deep, layered, and visceral, yet somehow they always remain fresh, immediate, and vivid! Lisa is a true colorist, and when you see these pieces in person (as I hope you do, here, on March 3) you will be captivated by how she speaks the language of color, and how clearly you can hear her voice. These gem-like paintings (many are 12×12) are capable of taking you on long journeys (hence the title of the show “Free Passage”). I know this, because one hangs in my kitchen, and it helps wake me up every morning. – Opening March 3, 5-8pm at Addington Gallery, 704 N Wells St.

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