Artwork by Lisa pressmanPressman brings us to paint-laden abstraction. Graphic swaths of chromatic paint form the topmost layer of paintings that ask us to look deep into their surface, where scribed lines and scraped passages form a structural matrix. The broad strokes recall Franz Kline, while the overall markings and dense under lay- ers reference the paintings of Lee Krasner, but the result is uniquely the artist’s own.”

Written by Joanne Mattera, artist, writer, curator and director of the International Encaustic Conference.

The Incisive Line, Curated by Debra Claffey
Hosted by Gallery 10, Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, Truro, Massachusetts, June 2015.Catalog for the exhibition, The Incisive Line. Published in conjunction with The Ninth International Encaustic Conference Curatorial Program.  Claffey-IncisiveLine-catalog-1